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What do I need to know before getting my first brazilian?

The first thing you need to know is that your hair can never be too long, only too short and you can not shave in between appointments. We recommend going at least 2 weeks without shaving before getting your first wax, this is usually as long as a grain of rice. This helps the wax grab the hair better making the experience more comfortable and the result smoother. We recommend that you don't shave in between because this restarts the waxing process each time. Shaving cuts the hair while waxing fully removes the hair bulb. 

We do recommend lightly exfoliating the night before to help lift any hairs that could be stuck under the skin. 

When coming in for your appointment, your waxer is going to ask you to undress from the waist down. They will direct you on where you lay,  give you a sheet to cover up with and wipes if you need them. They will step out and knock to make sure you are ready before coming back in. All of this is to ensure you are more comfortable during the appointment!

The wax itself will be under 30 mins. When getting your first wax, you may notice a few short hairs left behind. This is because you have been shaving for years causing the hair to be coarse. This makes it harder for the wax to pull it completely from the root. As you continue to wax, we will damage the follicle, allowing the future hair to grow in thinner and more sparse. This will make your waxes easier, results smoother and the in-between appointments more managable.