How long does your hair need to be for your first brazilian wax?

We recommend going at least 2-3 weeks without shaving. The longer it is, the better the result will be!

How often do you get waxed?

You will go every 4-6 weeks in between appointments. 

Can I shave in between appointments? 

No! This will restart the entire process of thinning out your hair. Shaving cuts it right off right at the top of the skin while waxing pulls the hair entirely from the root.

How often do you recommend coming between brow appointments?

Every 2-4 weeks, depending on how fast your brows grow and what your brow goals are! We do have maintenance appointments and recommend booking this when coming in at 2 weeks or if you just need a "clean up". 

What is the difference between brow henna and hybrid brows? 

Brow henna is going to give you a more natural look, as well stimulate new hair growth. We recommend this for anyone who just wants to add color to their brows and isn't looking to replace makeup. A Hybrid brow is more pigmented. We recommend this for anyone who enjoys a bolder brow and isn't scared of a little depth. 

Am I a good candidate for lamination?

If you are someone who enjoys a fuller, fluffier brow, absolutely! If you don't have any massive gaps and are capable of applying oil every day, we think you would be a great candidate for lamination! However, if you do not love a FULL brow, lamination is not for you. 

Why do I have to book a "First Time Brow Shaping" before being able to book any advance services?

This is to ensure you and your esthetician are on the same page as far as color, shape, and size before doing anything semi-permanent. We want you to LOVE your brows and doing this before helps us be able to ensure that!